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Discovering your True Potential

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Understanding Your Potential

Potential is the “YOU” nobody knows yet. As Myles Munroe has said: The greatest enemy of your progress is your last success. Nothing can stop you from your progress than your success.

Had it been you’ve long discovered your true potential, your state today wouldn’t have been the same. What it takes to achieve your goal and be a very much better person is not merely by wishful thinking; it is discovering your true potential.

Help Others to reach their potential
Help Others to reach their potential

Thus, it is high time you stopped building a mansion in the air. Instead of spending so much time daydreaming, face the reality of finding out what makes a unique you. Your true potential is the only thing that can get you to where you want to be and, of course, save you from standing for the positions that aren’t meant for you.


Every human being has some unique purpose which distinguishes them from others. Your true potential is specific to you, just like your fingerprints. Ranging from different life works, the common denominator of all the successful among them is their respective ability to determine what sets them apart.

That’s much to why Aristotle has said: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives choice, not chance, determines your destiny”.

Discovering Your True Potential; The How?

Don’t be a Copycat

Many people fail to discover their full potential because they play other people’s games and compete where they are not meant to, thereby forgetting and neglecting their value. Instead of looking inward for what value they possess, they became engrossed with what others are doing.

Though you are yet to find out, there’s one thing you never fall sick of doing. Identifying this is a good starting point and a great way of realizing your unique potential. In that lies your potential and perhaps where your full energy should be exerted. So, make a good connection with your emotional center and look within you to find you.

Examine Yourself

Have you ever think deeply about how successful people attained the pinnacle of success? These people are human beings just like you and their 24 hours a day is the same as yours. How come they achieve such an outstanding achievement? It is only because they know genuinely what their potential is and worked in dedicating all their efforts to the thing that resonates within their hearts. Confidence is vital, confidence in that “even though you don’t know yet, they can learn it.”

It’s very typical if you don’t know where to start and the journey can be tiring. To give you a head start, you may need to proffer sincere answers to some of the questions below.

  • What is the purpose of your life?
  • What passion is in you that you’ve not yet discovered?
  • Have you engaged in anything that makes you lose track of time?
  • What matters most in your life that you can never stop thinking of?
  • Is there anything you enjoy doing 24/7?
  • What is that thing you have boundless energy for?
  • What can you never get sick of doing?
  • What motivates and makes you feel great?

Answering these questions will add much deeper meaning to your life; it will let you focus on what brings you joy and self-satisfaction and save you from chasing what is not aligning with your goal and passion. However, if you still struggle to get it right, you can contact me for more help and support.

Cast Out Doubts

That your teacher, employee, friends, or someone says, ‘s you aren’t good enough doesn’t mean you aren’t good for nothing. You need to stop developing doubtfulness in your heart regarding your potential, don’t lower your self-worth just because somebody tells you how they feel about you regardless of how many times you’ve failed. Don’t allow such a view to shape your life and take control over you.

A right way to wade of doubt and criticism is to scan through your memory and bring the happy pictures to life, the things you’ve done, the success you’ve achieved, the good compliments you’ve received, but don’t dwell on it. Tell yourself you are talented, but just yet to unleash your potential; you have it in you now you are ready to launch.

Let Fear Fade Away

Fear not, no matter how many times you’ve failed. You only fail when you stop trying. This is what I always tell my daughter when there are storms and lightning. I always tell my daughter Fear NOT!

Affirm for yourself that you can do it, and don’t fear to create a barrier between you and your potential.

Obstacles are a temporary route to potential discovery, but you need to be strong enough to pass through them. Always remember you are unique, and at the same time, you can be the 1,000 versions of yourself in one. You have the unique talents that make you stand-out, among others. Tell yourself you have much space to fill in, of which no one else can fill except you.

So, believe in yourself, build up your courage, and continue working till you find your potential.

Let Someone Help You

With my wealth of experience as a mindset and purpose coach and entrepreneur consultant, I’ve come to realize that almost 80% of people (mostly women) can’t do this on their own. They’ve spent so much of time living life the way it is. Most of these people will need expert help to get going, and that’s the drive behind “Mindset for Women by Adalyd.”

If you’ve ever doubted your capability, contact me to find out what you need to do for things to take a right turn in your life. Character, values, and principles are crucial to your success.

There you have it, the stepping stones to discover your potential. By just adding passion and dedication to the equation, you can easily climb the ladder of success without getting tired. Wanda Skyes once said, “If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.” So, you have the potential, then stand up and find it.

The Journey Begins

By now, you should be sure and confident that you have potential; discovering it is the only thing left, and this piece has taken you through how. But if you still have more questions, our doors are open at “Mindset for Women by Adalyd,” drop us a line or your message, and we will be glad to help and support. Download our Manifesto Mindset for Women by Adalyd and start the journey with me.

As Always. Be a Leader. Embrace Your Uniqueness. And get out there and explore your potential with optimism and joy. I believe in you.

Be Blessed and have fun.

Love, Adalyd

Discovering your True Potential

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