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Learn how to planning
Video Training

Three proven strategies and tools to achieve inner peace, enjoy your life and end overwhelm for Bilingual Executive Leaders

This short training is about how can you set effective boundaries by taking the time to identify what are the most important things in your life using the Wheel of Life, and Trello as your planning tool.


Step By Step Guide to Getting Unstuck

This is the missing clear path on Getting Unstuck in life and making Massive Progress as a Professional and Executive Female Leader. 

8 Ways to Create Massive Progress in Life Roadmap

How Being Organized Will Affect your Life and Business

Be a Power Productivity and Effective Queen Female Leader

In this workshop, I’m going to be walking you through the method to work mindfully in your life and the benefit of being organized in your life by managing your time with proven strategies and a framework that will help you increase your productivity and inner peace by focusing on what matters most for you.


The Wheel of Life

Identify the crucial roles in your life and how you see your performance in each role. 

Think about the Wheel Categories and decide how satisfied you are with your life in each of these areas. Draw a line across each section to represent your satisfaction score out of 10. Join up the lines to see your Wheel of Life map.

The Wheel of Life
Find my tribe
Find my tribe

You Bring Your Notebook, I’ll Bring The Transformation Knowledge.


Life Balance Assessment

This assessment provides a comprehensive look at finding a balance between work, family, friends, activities, exercise, and time alone. It considers the right balance for you at this point.  The assessment will be downloaded in English and Spanish. 

Life Balance Assessment
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