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5 Ways to Unleashed your Potential as a Gen Xennial Women

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In the following sections of this article, we will be discussing who the Xennials are, what makes them unique in the workplace, and what events can be used to differentiate them from other generations. Have a fun read!

Who are Xennials?

Xennial is a micro-generation between the very end of Gen X and the beginning or just before the Millennial. This generation, according to popular opinion, are people born between 1977 and 1983.

They are the bridge between the Xers and the Millenials. Xennials interacted and learned from the former in their childhood and adolescence and had access to everything that shaped them later in their teenage years. Due to this connection between the two generations, they combine the cynicism of the former and the optimism and drive of the latter.

This is why they never truly fit into either generation. Instead, they are a more versatile and adaptable version of both.

Events that Shaped the Generation

Xennials experienced major events, especially the growth and advent of technology, in a unique way. These events shaped their character and the way they go about their activities. Below are some facts and events that define the Xennials:

  1. Xennials are the “Oregon Trail Generation”. This is with respect to the popular computer game when they were growing up.
  2. Xennials were the last generation that never used social media like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster in their teenage years. Instead, they sent messages to friends and families through email.
  3. Xennials used analog technologies like rotary phones, cassette tapes and record players in their childhood. Most only had access to cell phones, PCs, and home internet in their mid-twenties.
  4. There is an argument to be made that Xennials suffered the most effects from the post-September 11th economic recession. Most were just graduating and suffered from the low employment rate while those still in school piled up student loan debts.
Xennials used analog technologies like rotary phones, cassette tapes, and record players in their childhood. Most only had access to cell phones, PCs, and home internet in their mid-twenties.

Characteristics of the Generation and Impact of Events on Work Habits and Communication

  1. Adaptability: The transitional nature of the childhood and the youth of the Xennials has been a real blessing to them – something that any other generation cannot boast.

From the rotary phones to cell phones, emails to social media platforms, school modem to home internet; from reading through hundreds of papers for research work to surfing the internet, they indeed experienced some great transitions in their youth.

Unlike the Xers, the Xennials never balked in the face of change. Instead, they embraced it and can be said to be as tech-savvy as the Millennials.

2. Focus and Tenacity: Xennials grew up using the hands-on approach and taking their time to carry out research. The effects of the recession also taught many to be hard-working and surf through jobs to settle debts. All these were really helpful in building their tenacity, focus, and determination.

This cannot be said of the majority of Millennials who did not have any of these experiences. To put it more concisely, Xennials possess the energy of a Millennial and the work ethic of a Xer.

3. Inclusiveness: As mentioned earlier, Xennials have always been the link between the older and younger generations. They understand the sometimes crudeness of the Xers thanks to they (Xers) being a significant part of their childhood.

They can also empathize with the Millennials as they both had young adulthood. This inclusiveness has made them a valuable addition in a workplace with different generations.

4. Great Communicators: In their childhood and teenage years, Xennials were used to physical communication with friends, families, and teachers. They understood facial expressions, signals, and body language.

The advent of social media at a young age made it easy for them to understand the basics. Also, being adept at physical communication helped them understand the meaning of emojis, the tone of communication, and lots more. This diversity has made them excellent communicators and great assets in any workplace.

5. Team Players: Growing up, Xennials call the rotary phones in their friends’ homes to gather at a particular place to have fun or do assignments. They come together for creative projects and spend quality time together. Also, the hardship that followed the recession brought a lot of Xennials together to achieve new things.

This, plus their inclusive nature, has made them more of a team players and equipped them with the right tools to survive in any type of workplace.


Xennials being a micro-generation on the cusp of Gen X and Millennials can sometimes be overlooked or just classified as part of either generation. However, their unique experiences stand them well and make them a valuable part of the workplace and society at large. While not being the most populous (25million), they are unique assets that should be tapped at every opportunity.

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5 Ways to Unleashed your Potential as a Gen Xennial Women

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