Free Life Balance Assessment

Find out whether your life is currently balanced between the areas that mean most to you.

How good are you at balancing various aspects of your life? Since everything is not equally important in life, it is crucial to have the right balance for you at this point. Part of achieving the right balance involves knowing your values and priorities to allocate more time to those areas when time is limited.

People often look at work/life balance as having an equal balance between the two. They view it as a balanced scale. This conception of balance is not the best because it does not take into account an individual’s current goals and priorities which can change over time. 

This assessment provides a comprehensive look at finding a balance between work, family, friends, activities, exercise, and time alone. It considers the right balance for you at this point. The results will indicate how well you have currently achieved the balance that is right for you right now. The assessment will be downloaded in English and Spanish.  Start today and download the Life Balanced Assessment now. 

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