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Be The Effective Leader That Transform a Swamp into an Oasis.

Invest in yourself today and develop your potential to grow as a leader. No more feeling stuck in your life and not moving forward. 

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Online Business Management and Leadership Development Programs with Tangible Results

A proven leadership development program for female leaders ready to level up their personal lives and careers– Fire up the leader within you.

Professional and personal leadership program designed to transform you into a remarkable total quality online business manager and leader. Because your potential is the “you” that no one knows yet.

Overcome your limited mindset by building personal character and interpersonal relationships based on enduring principles that will transform you into a remarkable, secure, and flexible leader. You won’t have to ask “What if?” ever again. It’s time to incorporate a new model of working with proven strategies to be the best business manager in the market. 
It is about the journey, not the destination.

Project and Business Management for Online Business

Ongoing and closed Virtual Coaching and Mentorship for Unofficial and Entry-Level Project Managers and Online Business Managers; teaching the essentials of having an agile project and business management framework and business improvement skills and tools for your business. 

Virtual Individual Coaching Solutions

Individual Coaching for women who seek to improve their leadership skills, effectiveness, Business Improvement, Project Management, and New Businesses. Four 45 minutes individual sessions. Includes a detailed plan and steps to follow to start your business, improve it, or practical leadership skills.

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You can schedule an appointment or directly reach out to me at coaching@pilotg7.com