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The Art of Developing Leadership

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I want to open this article with a variety of definitions found for what Art is generally understood.

My first definition found was that Art is an activity or product done by people to communicate a purpose– something that expresses an idea, an emotion, or, more generally, a world view. A component of culture, reflecting economic and social substrates in its design (this is my favorite one 🙂

Another definition is that Art is a creative activity that expresses technical skills and produces a product or an object.

Lastly, I found, that Art is defined as a diverse range of human activities in creating visual artifacts and expressing the author’s creative skill and imagination, and that those who make Art are called artists.

Generally, the definition falls into three categories: representation, expression, and form. Representation is also called mimesis, which has an exciting meaning related to Art.

what is the full meaning of Art?

Mimesis is a Greek word that means imitation, which carries a wide range of connotations that include reproducing another’s supposed words, representing her or his character, and others’ meanings related to different aspects of our life.

But, what is the full meaning of Art?

Really, the word and concept of Art can be found in places all around us, including people and nature. It is challenging for me to define Art as a whole concept or a unique expression as the own idea of Art challenges every definition. 

Now, why I title this article “The Art of Developing Leadership”?

My own definition of a Leadership entrepreneur is the ability to organize and inspire individuals to accomplish a mutual goal by incorporating new ideas, seizing chances for advancements, optimizing risks, and handling the ever-changing globalized economy. You can see the correlation here with the definition above explained about Art. Your followers and Team will imitate your words or your character based on your creative activities that express technical skills to produce a job to accomplish a mutual goal representing your words, ideas, and character. You have a direct and positive or negative impact on them and, consequently, on the final and mutual goals.

As the tides are incessantly undergoing quotidian modifications in the globalized economy, with newly fangled stratagem brought into limelight, individuals and firms are continually ameliorating, thereby intensifying competition in the world market. The demand for entrepreneurial leaders by organizations has increased rapidly as organizations are pressured to innovate and adapt due to the elevated competition in the world economy.

Let me provide you some guidelines that will help you develop the art of being an entrepreneurial leader. “Mindset for women by Adalyd” Blog is designed to provide techniques and tools that will help you in your mindset journey to become to best Leader and, consequently, the best Female Entrepreneur.

What are the skills you require as an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship and Interpersonal Skills:

Being an entrepreneur is quite demanding; it requires consistency and lots of focus on getting things done. Your physical, mental, emotional, and physical stability are essential factors. To accomplish your goals, it is of great necessity that you establish cordial relationships with the people around you and those that you will meet on your path as an entrepreneur.Whoever treads the entrepreneurial path must master numerous leadership, marketing, finance, and management skills at the same time. Effective communication and good etiquettes play significant roles in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Following some of the skills, you need to possess as an entrepreneur:

  • Resilience: Managing critiques, audacities, duress, slow, or no advancement. The zeal to stand and face the same barricade continuously is essential when starting a business from the core. Believe me, even your family and friends can place your mind with negative messages. Things like: You won’t make it, that’s hard work, it takes time, etc. Been there heard that!! I am here to help you on this journey.
  • Inquisitiveness:  Unraveling new problems, making possible chances known, and conceiving new ideas are duties of renowned entrepreneurs. This is dependent on your passion for learning about other aspects of study asides from your area of specialty.
  • Good etiquettes: Good etiquettes are required in business dealings with those you are familiar with and those who are complete strangers to you as they can become full-time business partners. Punctuality, kindness, right words, dressing appropriately, wearing a cheerful look, and humility help in maintaining strong bonds with people.
  • Effective Communication: Brief and lively conversations with your customers, associates, peers, and potentials are quite important. Poor communication can destroy all your efforts, no matter how much you excel. You require the ability to be a patient understanding listener and a good speaker at the same time. You are expected to share your opinions, strategy, and expectations accurately; also, to pay attention, make inquiries about unclear problems to ensure you have a proper understanding of things.
  • Effectiveness: You require a 100% focus in providing solutions to problems to yield the best results within a short time frame.
  • Critical and creative thinking skills: Do you see yourself as a critical thinker? Have you proffered a solution to problems and gotten a result based on facts? Only with critical thinking can important information and ideas be organized and digested.
  • Tactical Planning: You need to tackle issues with the ideal strategy and create chances for improvement. Identifying the required answers and figuring out the loop-holes within a low-cost and stipulated time.
  • Time Management: Time is a priceless gem. The ability to manage your time efficiently by setting priorities, clarifying landmarks, job execution, and re-iteration of schedules are determinants in doing what needs to be done.
  • Branding: Show-casing your business identity at intervals to the deserving and needed audience.
  • Networking: Having a very wide range of network promotes your business opportunities, bring in more business propositions, and relay adequate messages on all fronts.
  • Sales: Being cozy doing charity and bringing in more opportunities. Seeking the appropriate sales media that ensures more and doing lots of research in improving them. 
  • Finance: Misappropriation of funds and resources will ruin your business. Proper managing of resources and adequate finance management is an essential requirement for entrepreneurs.

What personal characteristics development do you need?

  1. Self-Assurance:  As an entrepreneurial leader, you will continuously take risks by trying something new without the certainty of success and that needs self-assurance. Self-assurance is arguably equal to or more critical than know-how if you are to succeed as a leader. “Leadership is seeing the possibilities in a situation while others are seeing the limitations.” John C. Maxwell.
  2. Integrity: Your integrity is one of the essential attributes of an entrepreneurial leader. It’s being true to your own words and views and living up to them even at times of adversity. What are your values and foundations?
  3. Management and Motivation of subordinates: It increases the morale of your staff and directly influences the rate of productivity. “Leaders must be close enough to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” John C. Maxwell.
  4. Self-Awareness: As a leader, you require an adequate understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, your own personality, and emotions to deal with clients and employees better.
  5. Adding values to Subordinates: You have to be dedicated to improving the talents and skills of the people who work with you. Be a servant leader. Help others great. “A leader who produces other leaders multiplies their influences.” John C. Maxwell.
  6. Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship:  You are required to conceive new ideas, be flexible and creative to get better. Art is involved in this process.
  7. Functional knowledge:  As you are not restricted to your area of specialization, you need to have a few basic knowledge about other areas of study.
  8. Compiling information:  Before you decide, it is preferable that you source vital information from various sources.
Project Management and Business Process Improvement

Lastly, I want to introduce project management to the Art of Leadership equation and formula. Project Management, Process Improvement, and Finance is my thing. I love to work in these fields. Mixing all together, taking a piece of each framework, methodologies, strategies, in conjunction with this personal and process leadership development, is part of the ideal recipe for success. One quick note about why having project management knowledge and skills can help you succeed in your career and business performance.

Project management skills: Not all project managers are entrepreneurs, but all entrepreneurs must be project managers if their business is to thrive.

What is expected of you as a project manager? To be outstanding, you must be able to see beyond the common and ascend above the ordinary. You need to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset from opinion to execution. You need to focus on is your vision in your final goal in order to work on your daily mission. Some basic knowledge to have are:

  1. Realistic goal setting
  2. Task management
  3. Risk assessment and management
  4. Knowledge of different project management methodologies

As art is a unique expression that can be found in places all around us and it is a challenging term to define, Leadership skills in Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs, are skills that take creativity, time, discipline and willingness to learn and practice. You must incorporate them into your daily routines and habits. Leadership skills are based on your beliefs, core values, and character. And as leadership development is about who you are, the same as your journey, you will always have room for a retrospective, analyze, adapt, and improve.

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Be Quality. Your effectiveness is tied to your greatness. Your greatness is tied to your uniqueness. Embrace your Uniqueness. And above all, be blessed.

Love and Hugs, Adalyd

The Art of Developing Leadership

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