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What is your Individual Purpose Culture?

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In today’s fast-paced business world, only People with clearly defined purposes are well-positioned for long-term success. These are the set of people with reasons for existence and already have a roadmap to get them to the dreamland. They are well prepared to weather the storm, scale the hurdles, and open a new door of opportunities for themselves and the people around them. In other words, they’ve cultivated a purpose culture. How fascinating this sounds.

With the couple of years I’ve lived, I’ve been made to understand that things will not always work to our craft’s merry. As a woman entrepreneur or leader, it’s relatively easy to be emotionally disturbed and wants to give up after doing so much and getting less. You will understand better if you’ve ever got to deal with little to no after-launch traction, after so much investment or a product that’s not patronized, or a view that no one share.

Dear woman, this guide isn’t a step by step detail on how to live a purpose-driven life, rather an insight into what it means and everything you need to know before embarking on your purpose-driven transformation journey.

Understanding Purpose-Driven Transformation Journey

Women are half the educated class in the world, if not more. Go to universities and higher institutions of learning, and you’d be quick to realize that they’ve bag as many advanced degrees as men. Surprisingly out of academia, they remain on the back seat in recognition of leadership and entrepreneurship in the world achievement list.

What could have gone wrong? They are stuck in the world setting they meet themselves, leaving the world the way it is, not the way they should.

To be saved from this unfavorable norm, the earlier you realize your purpose, the better. Having a purpose will let you live to your full potential.  Doing what you love doing without being afraid of what the world will say; it is only for that purpose, you will leave your mark on the planet. Hence, you will be ready to spring up, lead and inspire others, to become the woman with individual purpose culture and now set to embark on a purpose-driven transformation journey.

Understanding Individual Purpose Culture

Well, individual purpose culture isn’t a groundbreaking discovery that’s new to the hearings, but it is at the same time more than necessary. When you have an individual purpose culture, as a leader, you can change every aspect of your life and people’s lives around you.

Without purpose, you only live to survive and overcome just the present-day limitation, without pushing for new grounds that will let you break barriers and achieve the most. As women, we often live life the ways it is, playing to the setting that is already in existence rather than defining a purpose for our lives.

If you take your time to relate with women in their 80s and 90s and ask this question? Were you able to reverse youth age? What could you have done better? Their response is almost similar,” not leading a purposeful life is what they regret the most.” Hmmm, 80 years of no purpose is quite scary, and that’s the same track most of us are treading today.

We all have hope and wish, thinking about the kind of life we’d love to lead, cars, jobs, homes, family, and more. But are we happy with our lives? I guess a larger percentage of us are not or were not.

So, how can you change the narratives to waking up every day with a bright mind that’s juiced about life? How can you achieve more and do less instead of the other way round? Below is the simple answer.

Know Your Purpose

Simply put, purpose is the reason why you do everything. Discovering your purpose or mission will help you create your world, a world that works for you, not the one you’ve been accustomed to working for.

Knowing your purpose will allow you to stay on top of the game. Without this, you are likely to become one of the fantastic talents in academia that get lost in the battle of the outside world and get passed over by opportunities.  Yet, it’s possible to live a meaningful life by living with purpose.

The one skill you need to have to go far as a leader or entrepreneur is getting the purpose clear, no matter how stumbling the road is. Purpose means getting your destination crystal clear. It’s your map to get you back on track; no matter the number of times you missed the road, it’s just a matter of time.

To identify your purpose, you need both courage and introspection. Ask yourself, why am I here, this will force you to take passionate action. To achieve this, it nearly impossible to do it alone. You may need a team to work with, people who understand you better than even yourself. They can charge you to connect the dots that lead to your destination.

Build A Tribe

According to research, an organization with purposeful leadership gets four times more impact and followers engagement; it is a needed feat for anyone to be successful in the entrepreneurial realm.

Having an idea and a business plan is considered the first step for most people trying to start or lead a business. While this is inarguably necessary, you might just have skipped the most crucial step of all: “Having a purpose.”

If you are a woman solopreneur, you may be engrossed in how much you can do, but the further you go, the more you realize there’s little you can do alone to become a big catch. Don’t get this wrong; you are only a leader when there’s a follower or purposeful one when you are like-minded. These people will not only help you when you fall, but they will also keep you accountable to the collective purpose.

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Living with purpose as a leader is never a one-person affair; you require a team that shares your purpose and is ready to live according to achieve the desired goal individually and collectively. 

How to Start

Purpose-driven transformation journey starts with the leader. This journey isn’t an occurrence; it requires a set of actions that must be supercharged by someone and result in a different state of being for everyone involved. From the leader’s end, it starts with critical self and organizational assessment. How do I scale my business higher, how can we diversify, what are the competitors doing better? These questions may lack direct answers when an entrepreneur takes the lead role, but they make it easier for the team to fall in line.

The life you’ve lived for years cannot be overturned in a day; you shouldn’t expect overnight success.  Follow us at “Mindset for Women by Adalyd” for more valuable content that will change your perception of the world, and if you feel like you are doing less with your life, you can contact us for help and consultation. You deserve a better tomorrow, but we need to start today. Downloadn and print out my Manifesto for Women (English and Spanish) and start working on your purpose now.

What is your Individual Purpose Culture?

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