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I love to sharing exceptional personal, family, career, and project experiences with my readers! 

It’s a joy for me to see my readers been successful in their life and doing everything possible to have the ideal and correct mindset for each goal in their life.

I am always looking for new adventures, ideas, stories, advice, seminars, women personal development trends, and books to share with my readers and with my awesome audience. I welcome new opportunities and I am grateful to hear your partnership ideas.

Family-Friendly Destinations /Leadership for Women Coaching and Seminars / Enterprise Process Improvement Projects/ Agile Team Facilitator / Lean Enterprise

Some of my most popular entrepreneur activities have been helping to promote an exceptional leadership mindset in women seminars, process improvement in their workplace, Life Management Coaching for Executive Women in the Corporate World, Power Planning using Project Management Tools, and Personal Finances. I would love to help promote yours too! Almost always, I integrate my family of four in my business adventures as they are also my Team, and because I like to lead by example (family, relationships, spiritual life, personal growth, the right mindset, health).

I recommend Adalyd Oliveras 100% for being an upright, professional and very responsible woman. When I started talking with her she gave me the impression of security and was very attentive to what I was communicating to her. She, in the same way, acted very responsibly in her service as a professional, businesswoman and very punctual. All my doubts were cleared up. Give yourself the opportunity to try her services, you will not regret it. I had a spectacular experience.
Raymond Perez Rodriguez
Beauty Architek, LLC.

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